The following reflects the major chakra’s and their associated musical notes.

There are several chakras in the subtle body, but there are 7 main charkas. Their location corresponds to the human spine starting at the base of the spine and running to the crown of the head. Each of the 7 main chakras correspond to the seven notes on a musical scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B). And each chakra also has a corresponding color.





















A Balanced Life

Eat Appropriately

Too often we eat as if though this was to be our last meal, we overfill our plates we stuff our bellies and then we feel lethargic, sick and tired afterwards, our choices must be mindful, we must take what we need, and always remember that what we put in ourselves, is the reflection of who we are, and what we choose to be. Whenever possible choose foods that are prepared with love, never put food in you that was prepared, with pain, fear, anger, and greed.


Drink lots of clean, pure water! Your body is made of approximately 70% to 85% water, in fact your muscles are made of 70% water, your blood is made of 80% water, and your brain is 85% water. We have proven time and time again, that a person can go days, even weeks without food, but your body must have water. So give your body not what you want, but what it needs “Water”.


Pray often, not just when others are watching, and judgments are upon you, but pray in silence, in the peaceful moments of your aloneness. It is said that every thought, action, and breath is a prayer, so breathe with the creating.


When working whether for others or yourself, always be in service. It is the giving of ourselves to others that brings our greatest rewards. Whenever possible try to find work that brings your heart joy, if that is not the case then always bring joy to your work.


if you’re not breathing your dead, so breath and whenever conflicts arise take a moment and breath, for in a single breath you may find a moment of peace, and make better choices.


We need 30 minutes a day, three to four times a week of cardiovascular exercise; the other days do some form of yoga, meditation, play, martial arts, or just simply walk.

Be In Service To Someone

It is by giving of our time and selves, to friends, family, work associates, and even strangers that we find our greatest moments of connection, purpose and peace.


We need to spend time with our shoes off, and our feet in the grass. Nature moves with the harmony of all creation, too often we humans move too fast to feel and connect with anything. Spend time in nature just listening and watching and slow down.

Say Yes

To all possibilities say yes! By engaging life we learn and grow, and through the experiences we have with other human beings, those moments become our greatest teacher.


Whenever possible get 6 to 8+ hours of sleep every day, if you are unable to get six to eight hours or more, supplement the time lost, with a nap or meditation.

Six Steps to Forgiveness


Pray for guidance, strength, peace, compassion, and love. Thank whatever God you worship for the lessons that were shown to you during this conflict.

Forgive Yourself

No outward step can be taken until you go inward, whether it was your actions or someone else that caused the conflict, you must first forgive yourself and any negative thoughts that may exist before you can begin the healing process.

Forgive The Other

You must forgive the other person, this doesn’t mean you need to trust them, or allow them back into a place to harm you, it just simply means to forgive them for their pain and the pain they caused.

Allowing The Other To Forgive You

In all conflicts each side views themselves as right, the conflict may never be resolved, but by allowing the openness for the other to forgive, whether they choose to or not will allow the healing to begin.


After all the above, take time to reflect on what lessons you learned and how to keep this from happening again.

Thankful Prayer

Be thankful for everything that happened, and the lesson you finally learned, in this way you will keep from repeating them again and again, for it is the sorrow of humanity that we do not learn from the conflicts of our past.

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