10 Things to do on a Spiritual Path

“The Gift”

10 things to do on a spiritual path

Live If you’re not alive you must be dead, so live choose life in its form, feel, taste, and touch all the possibilities, the key to living a human life in form is to experience all. Also get things out of your way, by diminishing your possessions, whenever possible I always look at everything I have saying what do I really need, and then I go to work, selling or giving away 50% to 80% of everything.

Pray Every thought, action, and breath is a prayer. Too often people stand in front of the crowd shouting and singing God’s praises. The spiritual path is to shout and say the praises of creating when no one is looking.

Say Yes Be open to all possibilities, say yes and see what road your lead on, and what lesson you’re meant to learn.

Study Read, read the Buddhist writings, the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad-Gita, the TAO TE CHING, the Tibetan book of the dead, the Holy Vedas, the Koran, writings on the Gnostics, in truth study whatever holy book you treasure but leave room to explore all the others.

Physical Studies It’s just as important to feed the body as it is the mind so you may want to look into yoga, meditation, gong meditation, Ti Chi, martial arts, water deprivation tanks, drumming circles, sweat lodges, Reiki, stress reduction classes, workshops on peace, love, and happiness, walking, hiking, running, camping, horseback riding, anything and everything to slow down and connect with a singular focus.

Your Body Treat your body as a temple, eat right foods for you and in proportion to your needs not your wants. The trick to the form of the human body is to find balance, in each human being this is different, some require excessive physical like activity, others require little or none. Some people can meditate for hours upon hours others would prefer just to take a nice leisurely walk. Whatever the balance is for your form, slow down and listen it often tells you what it needs, you just need the ears to hear.

Work Always work in a state of service to others, by giving of one’s self comes the greatest joys and teachings. Whenever possible try to find work that brings your heart joy, if that is not the case then always bring joy to your work.

Rest Find time to rest each day, this is your time of peace and connection with all things, internal and external. Walk, meditate, take your shoes off and feel the dirt and grass on your feet and between your toes, breath and most importantly laugh.

Make Love when you make love whether to someone else or to self, be gentle, make this a sharing or giving but never a taking, and never from a place of fear or anger.

Sleep Whenever possible get 8+ hours of sleep every day, if you are unable to get eight hours or more, supplement the time lost, with a nap or meditation.